Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If I ever did a wanted Ad..

Gemini (born on the very last day of the sign so Im boarderline cancer)
Twenty-one and a half
I've been told that I'm cool. Whatever.
Enjoys ice cream, big earrings, soul food, movies and head wraps
Opinionated, determined, and loving

I'm looking for a gentleman who looks handsome and is goal oriented, yes ambitious. He needs to be easy on the eyes and outgoing. He should value family, and should always be loyal. He should not be a scrub, instead, he should have a legitimate job. He should know how to drive. Hopefully, wont mind tickling me, and going out of his way to make me smile. I like to be held. He should fully understand his role as a black man- by that i mean, able and willing to provide, give sound advice, be protective, loyal and discipline. Education is important. But he has to know that graduating from college with a little piece of paper does not mean that you are educated, instead he is continuously trying to better himself. I want someone who reads...yea. I listen to Erykah Badu, please have an appreciation for Neo-Soul and R&B. In short, Im looking for people who are assets, not liabilities

I dont want much...right

Monday, October 26, 2009


Life always amazes me. Im always "thrown for a loop". But Im most in awe at the minor details rather than the bigger picture. I get excited over the little the first time a child calls my name (which happened yesterday. I was trying to get my friends 2 year old daughter to say Dana and point to me and she wouldnt do it, then while I was strapping her into her car seat, she said it) or the first time I hold a new baby. I get fascinated by the first butterfly that I see in the spring time and the amber color of the leaves in the fall. My world is full of minor details that I focus in on....I am most in awe by memories. Like that of soap in my eyes while being washed up, getting zipped up to my neck, like having to sit at the dinner table and write my vocabulary words 5 times, write definitions and then write a sentence. I think one of the worst diseases is Alzheimer's. Not only because you dont remember people that you've know for years, but also because you cant remember the minor things in life that made your heart smile. For me, its little occurrence that happen along my day that pushes me to keep going. then I remember those little things when I feel like I cant make it any more. Yea the future is important but the past is VITAL. Thats why no matter what happens, I love life. Each day, each hour, each minute is a new opportunity to make more memories, and therefore more reasons to smile. Even if I loose a hour, a day or a moment, I can always rely on memories and then it hits me that I always have today therefore I have gained more time...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Its important

Its important...that at all times..I practice the following...
  • patience
  • peace
  • inspiration
  • love
  • care
  • tenderness
  • humility
  • gratitude
  • stregnth
  • knowledge
  • weakness
  • discipline
  • growth
  • inspired
  • joy
  • diligence
  • trust

No matter how hard it gets..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was never single because I was never good enough; rather I was single because none of you fuckers were good enough for me. Believe that when Im ready, stable and someone matches me, then it will happen the way it should.

Happy Wednesday!!!! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend update

I had a really interesting weekend. Let me run it back proper....
Friday- 6:10 p.m. I went to go see Capitalism, A love story. It was very very good. Very liberal but very very good, in my opinion. I dont believe that Capitalism is fair. I actually believe that it is a major contributing force to the destruction of this "great" country. I feel bad for those of us who are STRUGGLING and WORKING sooo hard while trying to attain this so called American dream....the American dream is just that, a dream. Everyone has the power to make it their reality but those who want it the baddest often fall on their face. Its too bad. I dont have a rendition of the American Dream-I have my own dream that has nothing to do with work in the non-profit sector for a organization that focuses on education or children. I want a husband and 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girls. I want a house in a middle class neighborhood, 2 regular ass, good running, dont-eat-up gas, cars, and to go to sleep most nights feeling secure about my job, my family and myself. Its that simple. But back to Capitalism and this so called "Free Enterprise", I think its good in theory only and that we need to go back to the ways of our ancestors and focus more on uplifting our entire community together. If that means I gotta put more on my taxes so u can get better health care- so be it, cuz I know what its like to struggle....back to the date, we went to see Capitalism, walked to the Capital, talked, chow down on some Chipotle and went our separate ways. It made me happy. He was a gentleman, the food and movie were good, and the conversation was good. This has potential....i'll keep u updated.
Saturday=AIDS walk. No, I didnt have money to contribute but I walked for the cause.I heard they raised somethin like 800,000.00. Thats good, seeing as how I couldnt contribute. I sat up, worked on a paper and waited for someone who I considered a friend to give me my DVDS no avail I got a call 4 hours after he was suppose to come over. He never no point this weekend. I want my Goofy Movie and Skeloton Key Movie. Maybe next weekend.
Sunday- Feed the homeless and hungry. Made me feel good. I only fed like 30 but at least I know 30 ppl were fed. Feeding the hungry humbles you. Its a constant reminder of what you life could be...and I met up with a olddddddddddd friend. Im talkin Delaware State University old. He and I have liked each other for years lol but neither of us has ever bust a move. He is staying on P street, I live on O. He came to my house and watched football and tickled me. I was reminded that love could be right around the corner, literally :)