Wednesday, January 13, 2010


1. Egyptians smoke a lot of cigaretts

2. Egyptians think that all American visitors are rich. and maybe we are

3. Egyptians dont have alarm clocks and dont care about not having a concept of times.

...this time last year, I was on my way to Kemet....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here goes it

Ten things I wish I could say to ten different people

10. Im a history major, and one thing that I've learned is that history always repeats itself. Our past has had a funny way of reinforcing this theory. There is a common pattern with us that never works out. So I opt to just be friends and accept it for what it is. You amaze me when you play the victim role but I now see that its just you. And maybe i dont take as much responsibility as I should...but such is life. Just know that the last time, it hurt like hell...

9. You know that when it comes to friendship, you got that shit on lock. You are the most sincere, most loving and compassionate person I know. And whats funny is that youre a guy. Thanks for staying my best friend and never judging me. (Its that Dirtyyyy Moneyyyyy)

8. When we first started talkin, I didnt think it would get as far as it got. At is peek, it was a mountain, and at its lowest, an ant hill. We go months without speaking, years without seeing, and I dont believe that just like that, we could be back in action like the good ol' days. The last time I saw you left me slightly uncomfortable and more confused. We've never even addressed the do WE forgive each other or did we just move on??

7. I know I've been a shitty aunt, I know. But when I get right I promise that you me and Zay are gonna live it up. No but seriously....

6. You surprise me...daily. There is no telling what this could ever blossom into. Nothin-ness??? Something-ness??? Right now, I think we're in limbo, somewhere floating between. I'm highly unsure about all of this, about you, your intentions, etc. But your confidence in the possibilities motivates me

5. Im sooo glad that you're back from that India/South Africa/ Argentinia voyage!!!! I honestly missed you.

4. I know im a shitty best friend, I know. But i think its mutual! WE dont make time for each other! Seems like things have been oddly distant for years now-You live youre life and I live mine. We dont talk about each others problems or we dont come to each other first when something funny happens. But no one knows me like you do; and i dont know if its vice versa but we gotta do better. Friendships are important, its the only thing the government isnt making more of.

3. Truth is, I never stopped caring about you- I just dont want to hurt you. So I dont get to close to you. But I appreciate when you text me every now and then to check on me-it means a lot some days.

2. I kinda thought we had something for a brief minute last year....maybe I was wrongggggg. We fell off but Jay and Bey sure havent

1. I think its funny that we're soo different but so close, I think our difference keep us friends. In a lot of ways I admire you..I think you're strong and bold. In some ways I wish I was more like you. Im glad that although I only see u like once a year (because u moved to cold ass Pennsylvania) we're still close friends.

NINE things about yourself

9. Im scared to sleep with my closet door open
8. I get headaches on only 1 side of my head
7. I dont have a set plan for my life, I just know what is not going to happen
6. I loveee to play fight and get tickled
5. I write poetry or random thoughts twice a week
4. I am either extremely comfortable or uncomfortable, rarely in between
3. I would rather have a phone conversation then text
2. I want to name my kids Zoe and Zaire
1. All of my ex boyfriends are different from each other, I dont have a "type"

EIGHT ways to win my heart

8. Call me, take initiative, be a man, pursue me, show me Im relevant and thought of
7. Inspire me, show me something new
6. Think of innovative dates
5. Flatter me
4. Be a gentleman (walk on the outside, let me walk first, etc)
2. Hug me for a awkwardly long time sometimes
1. Make me laugh (its not hard)

SEVEN things that cross my mind a lot (in no order)
7. Will I be as success as everyone thinks I will be?
6. Where am I going to live next year?
5. Where will I work when I graduate?
4. Love???
3. What will my next meal be?
2. Who will cook it?
1. What else is on my "to do list"

SIX random things i want to mention
6. Lil Wayne looks like a midget avatar
5. I walked into Target and saw Valentines Day stuff yesterday- i became immediately annoyed
4. Wassup B.Lat!
3. The space jams look pretty basic
2. I got a 4.0 last semester
1. Im bad at spelling and worse at math

FIVE people who me a lot to me
5. Low Down Patty Brown- my mama
4. Tia tia boe bia banana fanna foe fia me my mo mia...TIA
3. Kels, Mai and Jayyyyy
2. You.
1. Thurgood Marshall

Four things Im wearing right now
4. Headphones
3. Mitch match socks
2. Earrings
1. Pink toe nail polish

THREE songs that I listen to often
3. Single, Neyo
2. Diary, Wale
1. Ye-Yo, Erykah Badu

TWO Things I want to do before I die
2. Have Children
1. Start a non-profit

ONE Confession
1. I am what you would call a stand alone female. I am completely fine being by myself. But every now and then I wake up in the middle of the night wishing there was someone next to me...