Thursday, September 18, 2008

My world, my mind

Some people would say that Im outta my mind
I don’t care to fit into a fed ex box, and be shipped off at anyone’s scheduled time
Nothing but a possibility
An example of what would happen if people didn’t give a fuck about society
A social experiment of what would go wrong if the world stopped basing themselves off of what they see on T.V.
Guess Im just the outcome of the division in the black community
Never to be
Confused with the multiplication of the typical 80 babies
Apart of the crack kids but at the end of the day, Im just me
And I only add and subtract to myself and my persona as I see fit
No theorem could explain, what you see is what you get
So maybe, since my decimals go on and on, Im outta my mind
An incomprehensible equation, the remainder you still can’t find
Truly an ass in the crack of society
And the probability of me being ordinary is highly unlikely
With this being said, know that for me, there’s no better place than the state of my mind
I may vacay to the real world every so often but I return home every time

Have you ever felt like it’s a struggle to just be yourself?
You cant find comfort in your own skin cuz no one else is wearing it?
And when you realize that its okay to be EXTRAordinary people act like its horrible. Deep down, everyone wants to be different, or even just wants to be themselves but they are afraid to let go and do them. Im not one of those people…anymore at least. I don’t care about a lot. I try not to even ask for peoples opinions anymore. I don’t wanna know. I just feel like everyone should be free and sit under apple trees and eat grapes all day lol. But I’ve released myself from the pressure of fitting the mold. I’m just me…if that makes any sense…

Face Value

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” Maya Angelou

To make it plain, an illusion is nothing but a misapprehension
Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading apprehension of reality
Reality became clear when I first saw your true colors…
How colorful you can be
Unknown to me, so now I feel like a fool
As it seems, I thought I knew…
but surly had no idea
I’ve been had.
Led astray.
Out winked
Essentially…Im bamboozled
Lesson learned
Knowledge well earned
Face Value is the key
Got blind when I saw you’re true colors, such a discrepancy
Vision blurred
Picture perfect is smeared
Everything is so abstract now
How sad
Yet its funny when clarity is gained
And someone’s true colors become framed
What exactly was your aim?
Was this just your persona
A cruel joke you decided to play
Is this permanent or something just for today?
Nevermind, its okay
because I know that this is you
Dont like what I see
but its reality
Everything is everything at face value
Better understanding of you
A sure representation of the type of shit you put me through
I saw it for my own eyes, now what am I gonna do...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


How do you define racism??? If asked that question I would ask myself if white supremacy is still institutionalized? Do black people continue to suffer as a result of white supremacy? And do white people continue to exploit and control black people – mentally and physically? The answers to all of these questions are yes, therefore, I would ultimately define racism through the continuous growth and efforts of white supremacy. Aside from simple acts that some white people do to prove their supremacy- such as calling us nigger and hanging nooses everywhere- the overall condition of black people are shaped and controlled by white people. New Orleans is a perfect example of this. I, along with every other person I have discussed the flood with in New Orleans, believe that our government blew up the levees to preserve the white neighborhoods and to also move the black property owners out so that they would be able to extract oil from the lower 9th. Some may staunchly believe that the government would not do that and that we have moved on from the racism from the past but I would argue that the faults of the past have manifested into the 21st century. Just like a mire amendment did not truly free the slaves, mire laws that are suppose to grant us equality are all illusions. I whole-heartedly believe that the same way that they sold us on the auction block, hung us, burned us, buried us alive, cut off our limbs, raped our women, castrated our men, left our babies empty bellied, broke up our families, deprived us of adequate education and living conditions, deprived us of our history, murdered our leaders, implemented Jim Crow and COINTELPRO, burned down black wall street in Tulsa, have also in fact flooded New Orleans. Blacks are still not considered human beings in Amerikkka! The “founding fathers” documented that we were 3/5 a citizen and the state of New Orleans is a perfect example of this belief. What is most upsetting is when you step back and look past the abandoned homes, overcrowded schools, and oppressive living conditions; you can see the look of hopelessness in the people’s eyes. Every man, woman, and child outside of the French quarters have this look in their face. Three years later and many haven’t even received a simple apology. But maybe the truth is that Amerikkka really isn’t sorry. Every now and then they offer some silly apology for slavery but we continue to suffer. Bush and his crime partners, the dirty cops, crocket politicians, ex cetera- they don’t give a damn. Badu said we were baptized when the levees broke- we were. Only problem is, is that many are still in the water. Some of us are floating around while others are still fully submerged. Mentally, we haven’t regain the sense of consciousness and rebirth that we need in our communities in order to confront this issue of racism. We are drowning in this submission of the acceptance of racism but we really need to look at this for what it is. Racism. My hope is that we can get ourselves together to dissolve the continuous efforts of the controlling forces around us before it’s too late.


SOOOOOO… two decades (almost) of living and I think I’ve come up with the answer- fuck it.
Men lie
Women lie
Numbers don’t (right hov’)
But some stuff still wasn’t adding up Fuck it- Im through analyzing certain situations, worrying about it, trying to fix it. When it comes to certain relationships with friends or people its should just be natural.Things never turn out the way you expect. WhateverI watch, I listen, I learn
I make mistakes – but no regrets because at that moment that was exactly what I wanted
So fuck it lol
Laces tied tight- I aint trippin
New attitude at age 20 = I aint trippin. Im bouta just DO and worry about MENot sweatin shit, let shit sweat me instead (right, right)
Because all people have their own angle
Their own agenda
And for them to get up may require you to get downIm not down wit it. Just got hip to that crabs in a barrel shit.
But fuck it, fuck em
Im not trying to send bad energy out there
I love hard but I fall harderBut im soooo tired of the same ol’ same ol’
Just starting to recognize that the world is mine when I wake up and I get a chance to evolve into a better version of myself
You think you kno…but you have noooo idea
I am: beautiful, intelligent, lovingI am becoming: stronger by the hour
Family matters, couple of cool friends, and some tough skin“Gotta slick mouth you may wanna roll wit me”
Not the person I use to beIf you’re not wit it get lostIf you cant keep up, stay behindOnly the strong surviveI do it because a
and that's one thing that will never change :)

The Critique

Who???First and foremost I am a Queen (lol, if I don’t claim it, who will right…exactly).
And I do what I want because I can.
Shades black…
Pretty laid back…
Plenty try to hold me back, but fuck em (right??? Right)
“Hater n***** marry hater b****** and have hated kids” right Kanye, right
Refuse to excuse, conform or submit to the system
Some call it revolutionary…I call it evolutionary (you may wanna get wit it)
I get kinda complicated once you start to get under my layers (do you dare lls)
I don’t really care
But Im a female who “loves to love to love ya” (right Timbaland and Magoo, right)
And I put my all into the people I care 4 What???
First and foremost I’m a Queen (If I don’t claim it, who will…exactly).
And I do what I want because I can
You wont see me sweat, you will never see me cry…
I wont give you the benefit of seeing any negative effects you’ve had on me
You only see what I show you…
“I talk a lot of shit cuz I can back it up…”
Self-lover at all times
Fine like wine (lol)(how I have a poem that halfway rhyme? Cuz I can do that lol)
First and foremost I’m a Queen (If I don’t claim it who will right…exactly).
And I do what I want because I can…
Began June 20th back in the 80s…
Last year…
Last week…
All day…
Every day…
My heart will always be the same
The core of me will never change
Dana Racine- true til the end of my reignWhy???
First and foremost I’m a Queen (If I don’t claim it who will right…exactly).
And I do what I want because I can…
I do everything I do for me
Ima be satisfied with every decision that I make
Even if it was a mistake
Cuz if I claimed to be perfect I’d be fake
So I keep it real and critique my shit on the daily
And every night, when I lay my head on my pillow, I remind myself that despite everything I’m still a Queen (If I don’t claim it who will) and I do whatever I want because I most definitely can
If you don’t have the same attitude you should adopt it


Sooo I guess Im the chosen one
I chase you, you chase me
In circles we go
running no where in particular
just for fun...i guess
*DRAW FOUR and the color is RED
You cant be serious
when all I have in my hand are blue and green
dare you to ask more of me than Im currently capable of giving
then I gotta draw too
so I pick up and pick up til I got damn near all the cards in my hand
then when I finally get my red, I gotta give it up
Thats bullshit
So you put me through all this, gave me extra baggage and in the end
still not what your looking for, cuz I dont have the color red???
Okay last game...
You tell me exactly what to do and I'll do it
right arm green
left leg red
twist my body like my mind
Im a freakin pretzel
Nevertheless following your directions
With the hopes that you will put me out of my misery
But you would rather watch me fall
Im through
The games we play
Have got to stop one day
Its bullshitbitchassfuckery
And I

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My POV (Point of view)

I'd like to think that Im a realist
But truthfully, Im just a frustrated idealist
Coozy and comfortably living in this warm fantasy
Distant from the "real world" because Im not impressed by reality
Im just little brown martian who has an afro, high hopes and shallow dreams
Real recognize real and everythings not as it seems
I guess I'd rather be hot and bothered by outlandish possibilities...
Then then to face the stone cold harshness of truthood
Livin like its all golden with no restrictions and no tomorrow, its all gooddddd
No limits, thats how I like to live
No walls, bars, or gates, nothin symbolic to the way the "real world" really is
Whyyyyyy we are molded to be ordinary, motivated with no good motives
Thats why I do what the fuck I want, yes you can quote it :)
Most of us think we have free will but not somehow we're not even willing to be free
Everythings scripted, labeled and packaged to be a worthless entity of society
Well it aint gon be me :)
Its not my cup of green tea
Some say its round but there's some sharp edges of this world, if you ask me
So instead of trying to fit in where I get in I continue to color outside the lines and marvel at the possibilities
Yea, idealistically thinkin that realistically I can continue to live in blurred perplexity
But Ima continue to ride with no seat belt because currently
My soul is indulging in sheer ecstasy
Im not sure that the way its suppose to be
All I know is that true appreciation of life is to live it freely

*This poem was needed to keep me sane. I think its funny but its pretty true. Stay true to you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Subject To Change

The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go with their old measurements n expect me to fit them

Deep down, I am a little southern lady who has adapted to life in the big city
Seasoned with plenty of flavor but mostly lost in the sauce…
A kaleidoscope of intrinsic colors but mixed in just right to form a shade of caramel brown...
Some may see it as a natural disaster but my afro is really my crown...
Honestly, I'm an introvert with extroverted tendencies
I love big words but without singing the song, I cant say my ABCs
A lover of companionship but married to the idea of continuous personal space
I know Ima champ but most of the time I feel like im the turtle in the race
So I plan to trip up my opponents but stay steady on my own pace
I may have been upset about you being with someone else but I laughed hysterically when I saw her face lol...
For real for real, I bare my soul in every situation
For real for real, Im real to the core and could be brutally honest with no hesitation
Im fresh as fabreeze but I will leave you gasping for air
I only apologize when absolutely necessary cuz most of the time I dont care
Like MC Lite, Im hard as a rock but I just try to let it flow
Often times I feel like Im drowning even when Im holding on...I gotta let it go
I say
Fuck the police cuz currently Im speeding in the fast lane
I use the word motherfucker from time to time but I dare not use the Lords name in vain
Its a shame
I've come to reconcile that maybe I wont ever be
Picture perfect like B
Perhaps I'll maintain myself as little short crack in the ass of society...
But regardless if I change or remain the same
You can measure me anew each time we meet cuz please believe im subject to change

Friday, July 25, 2008


The world is spinning out of control, gotta hold on tight
Cuz the ones who have control are holding on to it wit all their might
Their motives are corrupt
They're planning the ultimate set up
Wicked leading the blind, deaf and dumb so we all can run amuck
Strategies are being built to extract us from our core
Ejected with lies and then makeshift cures
We take it and we take it til we cant no more
Counterfeit love for an endless war
Gotta get it together and force it to collapse
Rid our minds of the deceit and start to get to know the facts
Because we’re pimped by the system
And the pure have become w*ores
Patriotic love during a never ending war
We take it and we take it til we just can’t take it anymore
Carefully constructed
Intricately designed
Furnished with ideas to take over your mind
No knowledge of self and no love for your brother
Even Nino Brown killed the other son of his mother
Got us thinking its a lost cause
Or we’ve reached the point of no return
Economy distraught cant even keep the money we earn
Painted for mass destruction
Drawn to fabricated truth
Religious leaders maybe apart of the conspiracy
Leaving saints and sinners equally confused
Spiritually lead by some who are spiritually dead
We continue to take it and call it spiritually feed
The government is the G- Unit
And we try to create an American dream
Turn ourselves into entertainers cuz we really aint free
Eyes on us while no ones watchin them
As we continue to be controlled by the man behind the curtain
People are hurtin
And the world is spinnin out of control
Hold on tight unless you ready to be bold

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey...theres only me...

In my one bedroom home
Where I have to live with myself, all alone
And all the decisions I've made thus far
Staring at my exterior and all its scars
I just dont want it to ever be hard...
I never ever want it to get hard,
To ever look myself in the eye
Or ever cry
Out of regret
Nor do I ever want to let
Myself dislike Dana
For any mistakes that were made along the way
I want to grow knowing that everything will be okay...

Hey...theres only me
and freedom is the key
Cant afford to lose myself, and all the entities that make me, me
So as I continue to define myself
I put my past behind myself
Growing consciously and free
To be me

Friday, July 11, 2008

The facade

I have...been contemplating the thought...
letting go...of you and people like you...
the artificial ones, along with artificial food...
no more chicken or turkey because they have hormones...
too many hormones... like you already emotional as it is
i've already let go of fake hip hop...fake friends...and a fake love life...
so whats left???
you and chicken lol...because you are chicken...
i think that in addition to gonna let go of bad drinks...
you know the ones im talkin about...they do nothing for my soul...
im not a drinker...but i dont need or want another drink...
no fake fake fake care...
daddy...stop pretending that youre there...
for me
although you try to be...
I just want to be real
and really live life...happily

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mirror, mirror

According to my mirror...
Yes, the one in my bathroom...
On the first door on the right...
On the right side of the room...
Beside the light...
yes...that mirror
I am
a natual beauty
yet a natural disaster

Weight of the World

The weight of the world gets heavy from time to time
But I have to sit back, think about it and realize that it’s not all in my mind
I carry the weight of my daddy...
Whose infatuation with alcohol lead to pain felt by my mother
After tears, fights and fears he left us for another
I do it for her so as I get myself together, so will she I carry her because for all she went through, she expects the best out of me
My sister… who believes in me more than I do
Learning from her mistakes, I carry the weight of her too
For my cousin…Who came into this world as a crack baby
I do it for him so he knows he can achieve greatness to if he’s stop being lazy
Don’t go to school and really don’t give a fuck
Livin in the falsifications of reality but if he dropped the hood mentality it would be pure luck
Maturity maybe
I do it for the baby who has a junkie for a mother and whose dad is simply crazy
I look out my window; say to myself I do it for the poor
The hungry, the hopeless, the rape victim who has turned into a whore
I carry the pain of your addiction
The pain of your dream differed
For those who commit crimes- the hustlers, the murderers
I carry the weight of the world for those who’d rather die
I do it for Doug, Frankie, Eric, and everyone else who I knew back in the day and now live in the sky
Those who stay high
To suppress the world as it comes
I do it for the boys who don’t care about their future and the girls who just wanna have fun
I do it for the teenage mothers who chose dead beat dads
For those who are positive, unsure, or just wish they never had
Upgraded from a Volkswagen to a lex
The gold diggers
I do it for those who are in jail but didn’t pull the trigger
Who call each other that because they have little knowledge of their true self
The ones on capital hill who make money at our expense and hold most of the wealth
I carry the weight of the world for myself
But I gotta make it for them
This thing on my shoulder isn’t a chip or a burden
Its inspiration …That steamed out of my pain, your oppression and those who are simply hurtin
So this is just a reminder to myself cuz sometimes I don’t remember
Why I gotta be the change that I wanna see in this world from January to December

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Humility in the Third Eye

I feel tears…welling up in my eye…my third eye that is
The one that I opt to not reveal to the world
So it can never be seen and it never sees…
But right now none of that matters because my vision is blurred
Yet I’m starting to see things for what they truly are
Cant help but contemplate…
What the sighted eye can not see and what the blind and blurred can
This third eye
Is really the window to my soul
Its somewhere between my hair follicle and my toes
No one really knows
because I try not to cry
I call it being strong, but you see humanity in my third eye
Its a sucker for my emotions so you can tell when Im happy too
When Im envious it gets green, like those of E. Badu
But one of these days...
I'll be strong enough to allow the third eye to see
Until then...
I guess Im incomplete

Monday, June 30, 2008

I need to vent

"We dont care what people say"
Can I talk my shit again, Kayne
I think its time
To just remind
And anyone like you
that I dont really care what you think about me
and people like me
I wear my hair in an afro
I spread knowledge and love
I am spiritual and have a personal relationship with the most high above
I inhale stregnth and exhale peace
"Gotta slick mouth, you might wanna roll wit me"
Keep my laces tight so i dont trip
And if you try to push me down I'll find a way to make you slip
So watch out
Because Im free...
In mind spirit and body
This is how I look without make-up and I dress according to how I feel that day
I roll wit intellectuals who stimulate your mind and back up everything we say
But me, myself I really dont care
Look at my hair, does it look like I care?
Because I dont, I do whatever I wanna do
I say whatever I wanna say
I may share myself with some people but I always belong to me
So I am the most important person in my life right now
Therefore no one elses opinions matter!

This is how I live my life
I like to use up all the hot water when I shower...
ommmm so yea- thanks for listening

My reality

I am....
Not impressed by reality
Instead...I prefer to live in a world with no limits
No consequences
Instability is the key
To me
The attainment of freedom in this world is easy
Unlike reality
where you are easily boxed into categories
And shipped out to become an ordinary entity of society
This world with its walls, boxes, shackles and rules
The unexpected is expected, its accepted and not up for ridicule
Inhibition is my mission as I move through this life such as a fish in water
Drowning in the belief that this is all life has to offer
I'd rather swim with no water and float directly under the sun
Not worried about dotting my i's or crossing my t's just letting it go undone

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Truth is...

I may share a little of myself but I belong to me
I pick and choose who I want to let in and which parts of myself I want them to be acquainted with
No one knows me fully but me
Its my way and I like it like that
The truth is...
Im an introvert who either forces herself to become more extroverted or sometimes I just have extrovert tendencies
Its like there are two completely different sides of me
Two conflicting women
Both fighting to prove themselves as the real me
But no one really knows this
Often times I want space just as much as I want companionship
Two extreems, either one or the other
I yern to but the truth never satisfied
The truth is...
I know that no one can love me like I love me so I rarely give people the opportunity to prove themselves anymore
I prefer it that way

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wishful Thinking and American Dreamin...

I live amongst the haves and the have nots
Fighting to not become a product of my environment
In an unstable world, I often feel like Im the most stable person left
Or the other way around…
Am I the most unstable person in this stable world?
Its debatable, I guess…
With unrealistic dreams, I know that I am a dreamer
Entangled in this place that most call “life”
The cold reality is
That we are warm and comfortable living in fallacy
With false promises to build our hopes and dreams
“The American Dream”
What is it
Can one be righteous and truly attain then live in it?
Im often cut deep by the sharp edges of this circular world
As I try to get out through this glass ceiling, Im a determined girl
Limited yet limitless
While reaching for the sky, I cant help but wonder…
What about fate…
Are we fighting to control our lives when a plan has already been drawn up for us
Or does God just give you the opportunity to create it yourself
Only time can tell
For now
I continue to keep up the pace with this world
And maintain the hopes of finally reaching
Success and completion
Because in the end…when its all said and done…with all your hard work…will it even matter?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On my way home...

I welcome this new journey yet lost on this open road
Buckled my seat belt, cleared off my dashboard, and rolled my window up cuz its cold
I roam recklessly in the fast lane with no where to go
Signs all look the same but I chose to make a left at this arrow
Shoulda been more careful
Took a wrong turn somewhere back there listenin to some E.Badu
I was on the straight and narrow, til I met you
Turn up the frequency on Baduizum and turn on my high beams
Cuz its foggy out here and nothin is what it seems
I know its reality but it could very well be a dream
Knowing I should pump the breaks, I just pick up speed
All my baggage is somewhere in the trunk, I take it wit me as I leave
It seems
That in this fog I can clear my mind best as the dusk settles
Apply more pressure and put the petal to the metal
I may be a little lost but I'll get back on track, some way, some how
Til then I'll remain laid back, shades black, optimistic wit a hint of a smile
This may take a while...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cardboard Boxes

I just sigh...
when people wanna know why...
Im not like them or everyone else in the world...
Why Im just a little static in an analogue t.v., perhaps Ima digital girl... Or maybe neither...
Because I cant fit into anyones idot box unless the revolution is really televised
No, I wont fit into your boxes and I certainly dont believe
That anyone should compromise to other peoples conformity's
It only leads
To the lack of consciousness of self, a consciousness that we all need
So dont try to box me up and stick a lable on me
Please :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Dues

I dont...
believe the belief...
that love dont cost a thing...
and that nothing matters like Lauryn said, not even the wedding ring
I dont...
Buy into the concept of love being fifty fifty
Because I have yet to have broken even so someone must of have jipped me

So many give and give so much of themselves til they cant give no moe
Some are enabling selfish opportunist who only want more
Some people put monetary value on it yet end up wit a whore
Some happily wore their heart on their sleeve and now its on the floor
Seems to me that its a chore
To give love and receive it
So with this economy goin the way it is, I dont believe
That too much of anything in this world is free...
So I gotta give a piece of myself to get you to love me?
Thats lovely
And this is an epiphany
That true love requires a lot of giving
Its a business, you give to me and I give to you and happily we'll be livin
And if you dont have love then most people think that your sittin at home singing the blues
So I guess you can color me pink cuz im content
With being behind on paying my love dues

Food For Thought

I eat forgiveness for i start my day off right...
I munch on growth little by little, to evolve? I just might...

I chow down on love every single night...

Wit a serving of humble pie for desert, its aight
I guess you can say I get full off of life...
Yea I get full off life...

But never full of it...
It makes me sick sometimes but I still love it...

I snack on hope when things dont go my way...
I drink some hot tea and gain wisdom to make it through the day...

My diet is imbalanced from time to time but hey...
Im hungry and the only to get through life is to consume it as food...everyday...

Smoke in the City

I hope your not around
If it all comes crashing down
If my world falls apart
I dont want you around
To tell me that you told me so
And that the happening was something that you'd know
Hear the rumbling in the concrete
Of my world falling down past my feet
See it before your very eyes
Like when the towers hit the ground
Feel the smoke as I become dilapidated
I would hate it
If you saw me other than elevated
But then again I guess...
Maybe I do want you to be
Somewhere in the vicinity
Not because I need support
Not so that through the ruble you could sort
And not so that you can criticize me like sports
But so that you can see
That nothing will truly break me
Even if I dont stand as strong as I use to
You know what I stand for and its stronger than you
You will feel my spirit and know what once was there
And fear whats next to emerge out of the smoke in the air

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I guess I can be like the itch on a crack heads neck (noticeably annoying)
The card thats missing in the deck (alone)

A leader in my own band (Revolutionary)
The arm on someone who's missing a hand (incomplete)

The heart of a pusher man (Cold)
Or the artwork on a hippies van (Timelessly beautiful)

With the mindset of the government in Iran (Bush doesnt care about us)
Or the white girl who wants a tan (preferably black)

Or maybe Im just me....
A crack in the ass of society

Bootleg Water

The dollar buys a penny's worth
The government's only focus is the "New World Order"
Brothas and sisters are depressed
So I pacify them with bootleg water

Its not as good as it was when my cousins was pushin it back in the day
But most dont care cuz they chasin that first sip so its okay
This water is over priced and will leave you addicted
Its illegal but I make money off it cuz its defiantly not restricted

Every man for himself, thats the attitude
So I say fuck it and sell my water regardless of if it kills you

As the government gets rich off me and I make my money off of people like you
Like overseers, the police are watchin me but its because they get their cut too

Im no fool
American gangstas called it blue magic, I just call it what it is

Bootleg water, a refreshing twist to this twisted world, now tilt your head back and drink this...