Monday, March 8, 2010


Its possible that I am asking for a lot.
I would like someone who is on my level. Who is struggling to get to where they want to go, but not complacent with their current situation. Someone who doesnt mind payin for a date or two, pickin me up from time to time. Someone who reads, cares about kids, and is diligent. Someone who can sit around and listen to Raheem DaVaughn with me and bake cookies with me. Someone who is compassionate, listens, and feels comfortable with me.
I would like a career that leads to promotions. One where I get a long with my co-workers. One that forces me to think and be creative. One that positively influences someone. One that fosters personal and professional growth. One that isnt necessarily stress free but doesnt make me want to quit. One that is normal and stable.
I want a home that is minee. One that I am responsible. One that I decorate. One that is rodent and insect free. One that includes nice neighbors. One that makes me proud. One that i love and loves me back...
Its possible that I am asking for a lot-but this is what I want right now.