Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards..

Dear BET,
You have officially dropped the ball
  • Lets call it what it is- A tribute to Michael Jackson show. Its not an awards show when you only give out 5 awards
  • Lil waynes messed up Drakes performance by using 10 year old little girls as back up dancers doin the chicken head on stage while he was sayin that he "wishes he could fuck every girl in the world"
  • Beyonce spoke no english during her performance and revealed her wedding dress.
  • baby boy skit went toooooo far. it wasnt funny anymore
  • jamie foxx performed 4 times and promoted tour dates- unprofessional. Additionally he almost bust his ass on stage trying to moon walk
  • They didnt announce the nominees for any of the awards...but this is an awards show right, right
  • Let me just say that everyone can not do Michael Jackson. This is in fashion and dance...Kerri Hilson, Im talkin to you
  • Don Cornelius drooled....i digress

There were long pauses and piss poor editing. The entire show was a mess. Im over it

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