Friday, April 23, 2010


School officially ended for me I can blog again


1. I joined the blackberry team

2. I wore my HU shirt at work today and a lady told me I looked like I was in the 6th grade...then she asked me if I was mad....I guess she was trying to upset me. I guess I would be wrong if I told her that she looked 60...

3. I need money

4. Got a letter saying that my health insurance gets cut off when i turn 20.

Random Number 1: I have never been a technology person. I've never cared about phones, as long as it gets the job done. I was recently encouraged to step my game up and get a new phone instead of settling for whatever. So i stepped it up and got a blackberry. I name her, Penelope. I got her a hot pink case and try to be veryyyy careful with her...its working out well

Random Number 2: I've recently concluded that old women have a bit of jealously towards younger women and therefore, they say mean things with a smile. Old women know that they are excuse and can say whatever and younger women should be respectful. So the older lady who said I looked like a 6th grader and then asked me if she upset me, was trying to. And she was jealous-jealous that she is no longer youthful and didnt go to HU (the real one). Woosah

Random Number 3: Howard University is a microcosm of Corporate America, become rich by feeding off the poor. Its a sick joke

Random Number 4: Yes, I know that with Obamas new HC plan, I should be straight until im 25. Why they sent my dad this notice saying that Im bouta be dropped? I dont know. He doesnt seem concerned either. I guess Im the only one who is nervous about the possibility of not having health insurance...I'll keep u posted on how the cookie crumbles

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