Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey...theres only me...

In my one bedroom home
Where I have to live with myself, all alone
And all the decisions I've made thus far
Staring at my exterior and all its scars
I just dont want it to ever be hard...
I never ever want it to get hard,
To ever look myself in the eye
Or ever cry
Out of regret
Nor do I ever want to let
Myself dislike Dana
For any mistakes that were made along the way
I want to grow knowing that everything will be okay...

Hey...theres only me
and freedom is the key
Cant afford to lose myself, and all the entities that make me, me
So as I continue to define myself
I put my past behind myself
Growing consciously and free
To be me

1 comment:

littlemissmodish said...

I adore that playlist.

I'm so happy you took
my advice and got a blogger!

the world needs to read what you write!


the theme reminds me of a song
called "twin sized bed"