Friday, July 25, 2008


The world is spinning out of control, gotta hold on tight
Cuz the ones who have control are holding on to it wit all their might
Their motives are corrupt
They're planning the ultimate set up
Wicked leading the blind, deaf and dumb so we all can run amuck
Strategies are being built to extract us from our core
Ejected with lies and then makeshift cures
We take it and we take it til we cant no more
Counterfeit love for an endless war
Gotta get it together and force it to collapse
Rid our minds of the deceit and start to get to know the facts
Because we’re pimped by the system
And the pure have become w*ores
Patriotic love during a never ending war
We take it and we take it til we just can’t take it anymore
Carefully constructed
Intricately designed
Furnished with ideas to take over your mind
No knowledge of self and no love for your brother
Even Nino Brown killed the other son of his mother
Got us thinking its a lost cause
Or we’ve reached the point of no return
Economy distraught cant even keep the money we earn
Painted for mass destruction
Drawn to fabricated truth
Religious leaders maybe apart of the conspiracy
Leaving saints and sinners equally confused
Spiritually lead by some who are spiritually dead
We continue to take it and call it spiritually feed
The government is the G- Unit
And we try to create an American dream
Turn ourselves into entertainers cuz we really aint free
Eyes on us while no ones watchin them
As we continue to be controlled by the man behind the curtain
People are hurtin
And the world is spinnin out of control
Hold on tight unless you ready to be bold

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