Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight of the World

The weight of the world gets heavy from time to time
But I have to sit back, think about it and realize that it’s not all in my mind
I carry the weight of my daddy...
Whose infatuation with alcohol lead to pain felt by my mother
After tears, fights and fears he left us for another
I do it for her so as I get myself together, so will she I carry her because for all she went through, she expects the best out of me
My sister… who believes in me more than I do
Learning from her mistakes, I carry the weight of her too
For my cousin…Who came into this world as a crack baby
I do it for him so he knows he can achieve greatness to if he’s stop being lazy
Don’t go to school and really don’t give a fuck
Livin in the falsifications of reality but if he dropped the hood mentality it would be pure luck
Maturity maybe
I do it for the baby who has a junkie for a mother and whose dad is simply crazy
I look out my window; say to myself I do it for the poor
The hungry, the hopeless, the rape victim who has turned into a whore
I carry the pain of your addiction
The pain of your dream differed
For those who commit crimes- the hustlers, the murderers
I carry the weight of the world for those who’d rather die
I do it for Doug, Frankie, Eric, and everyone else who I knew back in the day and now live in the sky
Those who stay high
To suppress the world as it comes
I do it for the boys who don’t care about their future and the girls who just wanna have fun
I do it for the teenage mothers who chose dead beat dads
For those who are positive, unsure, or just wish they never had
Upgraded from a Volkswagen to a lex
The gold diggers
I do it for those who are in jail but didn’t pull the trigger
Who call each other that because they have little knowledge of their true self
The ones on capital hill who make money at our expense and hold most of the wealth
I carry the weight of the world for myself
But I gotta make it for them
This thing on my shoulder isn’t a chip or a burden
Its inspiration …That steamed out of my pain, your oppression and those who are simply hurtin
So this is just a reminder to myself cuz sometimes I don’t remember
Why I gotta be the change that I wanna see in this world from January to December

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