Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My POV (Point of view)

I'd like to think that Im a realist
But truthfully, Im just a frustrated idealist
Coozy and comfortably living in this warm fantasy
Distant from the "real world" because Im not impressed by reality
Im just little brown martian who has an afro, high hopes and shallow dreams
Real recognize real and everythings not as it seems
I guess I'd rather be hot and bothered by outlandish possibilities...
Then then to face the stone cold harshness of truthood
Livin like its all golden with no restrictions and no tomorrow, its all gooddddd
No limits, thats how I like to live
No walls, bars, or gates, nothin symbolic to the way the "real world" really is
Whyyyyyy we are molded to be ordinary, motivated with no good motives
Thats why I do what the fuck I want, yes you can quote it :)
Most of us think we have free will but not somehow we're not even willing to be free
Everythings scripted, labeled and packaged to be a worthless entity of society
Well it aint gon be me :)
Its not my cup of green tea
Some say its round but there's some sharp edges of this world, if you ask me
So instead of trying to fit in where I get in I continue to color outside the lines and marvel at the possibilities
Yea, idealistically thinkin that realistically I can continue to live in blurred perplexity
But Ima continue to ride with no seat belt because currently
My soul is indulging in sheer ecstasy
Im not sure that the way its suppose to be
All I know is that true appreciation of life is to live it freely

*This poem was needed to keep me sane. I think its funny but its pretty true. Stay true to you.

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