Monday, August 11, 2008

Subject To Change

The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go with their old measurements n expect me to fit them

Deep down, I am a little southern lady who has adapted to life in the big city
Seasoned with plenty of flavor but mostly lost in the sauce…
A kaleidoscope of intrinsic colors but mixed in just right to form a shade of caramel brown...
Some may see it as a natural disaster but my afro is really my crown...
Honestly, I'm an introvert with extroverted tendencies
I love big words but without singing the song, I cant say my ABCs
A lover of companionship but married to the idea of continuous personal space
I know Ima champ but most of the time I feel like im the turtle in the race
So I plan to trip up my opponents but stay steady on my own pace
I may have been upset about you being with someone else but I laughed hysterically when I saw her face lol...
For real for real, I bare my soul in every situation
For real for real, Im real to the core and could be brutally honest with no hesitation
Im fresh as fabreeze but I will leave you gasping for air
I only apologize when absolutely necessary cuz most of the time I dont care
Like MC Lite, Im hard as a rock but I just try to let it flow
Often times I feel like Im drowning even when Im holding on...I gotta let it go
I say
Fuck the police cuz currently Im speeding in the fast lane
I use the word motherfucker from time to time but I dare not use the Lords name in vain
Its a shame
I've come to reconcile that maybe I wont ever be
Picture perfect like B
Perhaps I'll maintain myself as little short crack in the ass of society...
But regardless if I change or remain the same
You can measure me anew each time we meet cuz please believe im subject to change


Chaunece said...

snap, snap dana dane. lol

"Crayola" said...

thanks boo boo!