Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sooo I guess Im the chosen one
I chase you, you chase me
In circles we go
running no where in particular
just for fun...i guess
*DRAW FOUR and the color is RED
You cant be serious
when all I have in my hand are blue and green
dare you to ask more of me than Im currently capable of giving
then I gotta draw too
so I pick up and pick up til I got damn near all the cards in my hand
then when I finally get my red, I gotta give it up
Thats bullshit
So you put me through all this, gave me extra baggage and in the end
still not what your looking for, cuz I dont have the color red???
Okay last game...
You tell me exactly what to do and I'll do it
right arm green
left leg red
twist my body like my mind
Im a freakin pretzel
Nevertheless following your directions
With the hopes that you will put me out of my misery
But you would rather watch me fall
Im through
The games we play
Have got to stop one day
Its bullshitbitchassfuckery
And I

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