Friday, June 11, 2010

Love letters

You can easily be described as the exclamation point to my run on sentences. I can go on and on for days but when I see your face, everything stops...I guess I have Malcolm X to thank, for changing your life and therefore changing mine. A sort of ripple affect, so to say. You see you have me now, but I've come to understand that it is very likely that you have had me then, way back when we would see each other in passing or were simply in the same space with one another; its possible that I have always been yours. I think back to days when we would be surround by people but were always drawn to one have always been there and so have I. My affection has sense grown tremendously and now find myself in a what can only be described as bliss, defined as a cause of great happiness or great joy. But most of all, Im appreciative and faithful...
Weeks ago, I told myself that I can be of some sort of help to you, that your personal growth would be easier if you had me as a close friend to push you. How arrogant of me. Only recently it occurred to me that you will impact my life in the same ways, if not more, than I would impact yours. My problem was that I am comfortable in my comfort zone, i seemingly have my shit together and dont have to answer to anyone, and when I was content-not quite happy and not quite sad but content. Because of this, I confused progress with sustainability, I was simply maintaining. Its no coincidence that I have wrote poetry for the last 9 years of my life and the first time that I recited anything was in your presence; its no coincidence that the summer before my true journey into adulthood begins, you are here with me and encouraging me to be a stronger, more holy woman; its no coincidence that I reached out to only you the last time that I cried, usually I reach into myself and dont let my guard down or shed a tear in front of anyone. How arrogant of me to believe that this union had nothing to do with my needs...that I had the upper hand.
There is no better feeling than to look into your eyes and see truth. There is no better feeling than to look into your eyes and see compassion. There is no better feeling than to look into your eyes and see my reflection and know that we are building the foundation of something special and lifelong. So I wrote this love letter to tell you what you have meant to me, that I am loyal and honest to you and that I am grateful for you.

Dana H.

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