Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AH HA Moment- Marriage friendships

Im starting something new. Its called my "Ah ha moment". I'm hoping that I can challenge myself to figure out a problem and confront it, all in the same post. I need this because I dont do well with interpersonal conversations-I need to feel like Im talking to someone, even if I am saying this to myself. You are my audience right now so, I will talk to you (although its advice that Im giving to myself). So I hope you enjoy....


I have done it, and if you are a female, you have probably done it too...its a common issue...we have approached our relationships, as if they were marriage.

Women, who someday want to get married, work extra hard to hide flaws, be the ideal woman, and end up treating their man like a husband. Sometimes he may not even be your "boyfriend" but you will make him a special priority. Why? Because you cant distinguish between being a friend, a girlfriend, and a wife. For some of us, all 3 of these titles mean the same thing-and they shouldnt.

How can someone appreciate you as their wife when you act the same as when you were just their girlfriend...why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free???
Truth of the matter is that there is a line, and we disrespect it, cross it, ignore it, all the time.

Dont treat any ol man as you would your husband. Especially if he doesnt treat you like his wife. Dont let any ol man put his dusty shoes all over your welcome mat, then step into your house. Be careful of who you let in and to what extent. Allow people the opportunity to prove themselves.

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