Tuesday, September 2, 2008


SOOOOOO… two decades (almost) of living and I think I’ve come up with the answer- fuck it.
Men lie
Women lie
Numbers don’t (right hov’)
But some stuff still wasn’t adding up Fuck it- Im through analyzing certain situations, worrying about it, trying to fix it. When it comes to certain relationships with friends or people its should just be natural.Things never turn out the way you expect. WhateverI watch, I listen, I learn
I make mistakes – but no regrets because at that moment that was exactly what I wanted
So fuck it lol
Laces tied tight- I aint trippin
New attitude at age 20 = I aint trippin. Im bouta just DO and worry about MENot sweatin shit, let shit sweat me instead (right, right)
Because all people have their own angle
Their own agenda
And for them to get up may require you to get downIm not down wit it. Just got hip to that crabs in a barrel shit.
But fuck it, fuck em
Im not trying to send bad energy out there
I love hard but I fall harderBut im soooo tired of the same ol’ same ol’
Just starting to recognize that the world is mine when I wake up and I get a chance to evolve into a better version of myself
You think you kno…but you have noooo idea
I am: beautiful, intelligent, lovingI am becoming: stronger by the hour
Family matters, couple of cool friends, and some tough skin“Gotta slick mouth you may wanna roll wit me”
Not the person I use to beIf you’re not wit it get lostIf you cant keep up, stay behindOnly the strong surviveI do it because a
and that's one thing that will never change :)

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