Thursday, September 18, 2008

My world, my mind

Some people would say that Im outta my mind
I don’t care to fit into a fed ex box, and be shipped off at anyone’s scheduled time
Nothing but a possibility
An example of what would happen if people didn’t give a fuck about society
A social experiment of what would go wrong if the world stopped basing themselves off of what they see on T.V.
Guess Im just the outcome of the division in the black community
Never to be
Confused with the multiplication of the typical 80 babies
Apart of the crack kids but at the end of the day, Im just me
And I only add and subtract to myself and my persona as I see fit
No theorem could explain, what you see is what you get
So maybe, since my decimals go on and on, Im outta my mind
An incomprehensible equation, the remainder you still can’t find
Truly an ass in the crack of society
And the probability of me being ordinary is highly unlikely
With this being said, know that for me, there’s no better place than the state of my mind
I may vacay to the real world every so often but I return home every time

Have you ever felt like it’s a struggle to just be yourself?
You cant find comfort in your own skin cuz no one else is wearing it?
And when you realize that its okay to be EXTRAordinary people act like its horrible. Deep down, everyone wants to be different, or even just wants to be themselves but they are afraid to let go and do them. Im not one of those people…anymore at least. I don’t care about a lot. I try not to even ask for peoples opinions anymore. I don’t wanna know. I just feel like everyone should be free and sit under apple trees and eat grapes all day lol. But I’ve released myself from the pressure of fitting the mold. I’m just me…if that makes any sense…

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