Monday, July 6, 2009


GRRRRR let me start by saying that I heard a great quote once- "females are bitchy every week, its just that when they are on their period, they have an excuse". Perhaps.

Anyways- i have to ge this off my chest. I absolutely,positively hate when people go on facebook and decide to put up pictures of every aspect of their fabulous lives. Like if you have a awesome weekend, you post the shoes you wore, the drinks you drank, the time that it was, et cetera instead of just you and who ever was with you smiling. Do you have to post everything??? It shows up in my mini feed and it annoys me....
Also, i must say it, and maybe I feel this way because Im locking my hair and dont feel quite as pretty, but Beyonce is starting to get on my nerves too. Shes perfect. How can me, a normal yet interesting black woman compete or even co-exsist with this beautiful, talented, freak of nature who constantly reminds us of how inadequate and lacking we are. Noww, she is parading around in these body suites, that us ordinary women cant just wear all willy nilly, and her long luscious hair and even skin. She is impossible..and impossible standard of beauty that is older than me. Wayyyyy older. At least Tyra shows her flaws so we can all wipe the sweat off our forehead. GRRRR beyonce!
Finally...let me tell you all about the sick joke that was played on me by my ex boyfriend. He text me and said that at the very least we could trade movies. I went to his house, we went out, a friendly closer type of outing that included a meal. By the end of the night I stretched my arms and said well this is it...ohh where is my movie (i had already given him his). Whyyyyy did he not have it. Why the fuck did he have me under the impression that I was getting it. This was suppose to be like a closure type of thing and nowwww the process is being prolonged. He thought it was funny. It was a sick joke

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