Monday, November 16, 2009

Her name is november

As it seems, you only get to be in a happy relationship during 2 extreme seasons- during the months of summer (summer love) and during the winter (winter bun time). People cuddle up when its extremely cold and when its extremely hot. In fall and spring, youre on your own, maybe because those are seasons of complete transition, limbo. Or maybe it just seems this way...
I've come to the conclusion that what I have wanted, time and time again, in all of the relationships that I have become involved in, is to not just think it but to know that I am relevant...taken into consideration...of some kind of importance...I need to feel special. Is that too much to ask?? Ironically, I end up being the person, who goes above and beyond. I give what I want and never receive....soo really, am I the problem??

I dont know..

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