Monday, November 30, 2009

My confessions

Im indecisive, and I hate it.
When Im insecure, I tend to change my hair (cut it all off, grow an afro, get braids, now locs)
I make false promises to myself and keep ones that I make to other people.
My worst fears: the lost of a loved one, marrying a downlow brother, STDs, being unsucessful
I try to live up to my standards as well as other peoples
I yern for the things that I do have
I believe that I will be apart of that 64% of black women who never get married, it scares me
I know I should go to church more
I have several defense mechanisms
I have a tough exterior but am sensitive as a nerve

trust me, it sounds worse than it is. Despite it all, I am happy... but yea thats all I got for now

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