Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recent observations

I've been observing people a lot lately. Starting with myself...I think Im kinda interesting. In some instances, I dont speak unless spoken to and then in other instances Im the most vocal. Or I can be a complete fool at times, making anyone laugh and other times I can be completely removed from interaction with other people. Maybe its the Gemini in me but I cant make up my mind, Im all over the place. I am a jack of all trades, not completely efficient in any one thing but can adapt very well to any enviroment or circumstance. I want to be a lot of things...im wildly unstable right now and I desperately want to be in a stable, comfortable place...I love love and despise it at the same time. When it flies out of the window, I care, but I dont typically stretch my neck out to see where it went....

The following is a list that I gathered when it comes to other people:

  • If we take no pride in being African and no pride in being American how can we ever take pride in being African American??
  • If justice was a person, she woulda have died a long time ago
  • Breath, Stretch, Shake and LET IT GO
  • There is only one acceptable thing to do when there is a lot on your plate...eat quicker
  • Lots of stinky people fake the funk
  • Catapillers dont resist their transition into butterflies...why should people?
  • On facebook, everyone is a superstar...they make themselves more intersting then they really are. Is your live really that specticular, my guess is no
  • The hilltop is becoming more similar to BET
  • I am not just as many things as I am
  • It is very important, in every situation, for you to keep your head tilted, back straight and keep one foot in front of the other

Random..i kno.

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