Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First impressions

Soooo Im at work...bored. Waitin to leave. Come on 2:00!!!
Whats funny is when you first meet someone and you like them a whole lot-but you barely know them. You ever met someone and you are just like yea...this person is it. They say all the right jokes, they're attractive, seem uncomplicated, this person just seems perfect at first glace. Then you have just oneeeeeeee phone conversation and you like yea...THIS PERSON IS IT lol. You may talk for hours and still barely know them. Its okay tho, cuz at face value, they are on point. And you think about them alllll day and embellish on their positive characteristics; think about the conversations yall have had, add words and just tell yourself that this person is on point. Its like you feed into who they COULD be...then one day, you realize reality and you be like yea...this person is HUMAN. Its a sad day.
I've realized something today...I reside in a fantasy world. I live in freakin La La Land. I give people the benefit of the doubt more than most, I leave A LOTTTTTTT of room for error, i dont acknowledge the bad aspects of folks or myself. I have a lot to work on....its not that I cant, its just really hard for me to handle the truth. Its soo hard for me to accept people for who they truly are instead of who I want them to be or who I know they could be.

My mind is in the clouds, I write it all down...

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