Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bootleg Water

The dollar buys a penny's worth
The government's only focus is the "New World Order"
Brothas and sisters are depressed
So I pacify them with bootleg water

Its not as good as it was when my cousins was pushin it back in the day
But most dont care cuz they chasin that first sip so its okay
This water is over priced and will leave you addicted
Its illegal but I make money off it cuz its defiantly not restricted

Every man for himself, thats the attitude
So I say fuck it and sell my water regardless of if it kills you

As the government gets rich off me and I make my money off of people like you
Like overseers, the police are watchin me but its because they get their cut too

Im no fool
American gangstas called it blue magic, I just call it what it is

Bootleg water, a refreshing twist to this twisted world, now tilt your head back and drink this...

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