Monday, June 30, 2008

I need to vent

"We dont care what people say"
Can I talk my shit again, Kayne
I think its time
To just remind
And anyone like you
that I dont really care what you think about me
and people like me
I wear my hair in an afro
I spread knowledge and love
I am spiritual and have a personal relationship with the most high above
I inhale stregnth and exhale peace
"Gotta slick mouth, you might wanna roll wit me"
Keep my laces tight so i dont trip
And if you try to push me down I'll find a way to make you slip
So watch out
Because Im free...
In mind spirit and body
This is how I look without make-up and I dress according to how I feel that day
I roll wit intellectuals who stimulate your mind and back up everything we say
But me, myself I really dont care
Look at my hair, does it look like I care?
Because I dont, I do whatever I wanna do
I say whatever I wanna say
I may share myself with some people but I always belong to me
So I am the most important person in my life right now
Therefore no one elses opinions matter!

This is how I live my life
I like to use up all the hot water when I shower...
ommmm so yea- thanks for listening

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