Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wishful Thinking and American Dreamin...

I live amongst the haves and the have nots
Fighting to not become a product of my environment
In an unstable world, I often feel like Im the most stable person left
Or the other way around…
Am I the most unstable person in this stable world?
Its debatable, I guess…
With unrealistic dreams, I know that I am a dreamer
Entangled in this place that most call “life”
The cold reality is
That we are warm and comfortable living in fallacy
With false promises to build our hopes and dreams
“The American Dream”
What is it
Can one be righteous and truly attain then live in it?
Im often cut deep by the sharp edges of this circular world
As I try to get out through this glass ceiling, Im a determined girl
Limited yet limitless
While reaching for the sky, I cant help but wonder…
What about fate…
Are we fighting to control our lives when a plan has already been drawn up for us
Or does God just give you the opportunity to create it yourself
Only time can tell
For now
I continue to keep up the pace with this world
And maintain the hopes of finally reaching
Success and completion
Because in the end…when its all said and done…with all your hard work…will it even matter?

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