Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smoke in the City

I hope your not around
If it all comes crashing down
If my world falls apart
I dont want you around
To tell me that you told me so
And that the happening was something that you'd know
Hear the rumbling in the concrete
Of my world falling down past my feet
See it before your very eyes
Like when the towers hit the ground
Feel the smoke as I become dilapidated
I would hate it
If you saw me other than elevated
But then again I guess...
Maybe I do want you to be
Somewhere in the vicinity
Not because I need support
Not so that through the ruble you could sort
And not so that you can criticize me like sports
But so that you can see
That nothing will truly break me
Even if I dont stand as strong as I use to
You know what I stand for and its stronger than you
You will feel my spirit and know what once was there
And fear whats next to emerge out of the smoke in the air

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