Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On my way home...

I welcome this new journey yet lost on this open road
Buckled my seat belt, cleared off my dashboard, and rolled my window up cuz its cold
I roam recklessly in the fast lane with no where to go
Signs all look the same but I chose to make a left at this arrow
Shoulda been more careful
Took a wrong turn somewhere back there listenin to some E.Badu
I was on the straight and narrow, til I met you
Turn up the frequency on Baduizum and turn on my high beams
Cuz its foggy out here and nothin is what it seems
I know its reality but it could very well be a dream
Knowing I should pump the breaks, I just pick up speed
All my baggage is somewhere in the trunk, I take it wit me as I leave
It seems
That in this fog I can clear my mind best as the dusk settles
Apply more pressure and put the petal to the metal
I may be a little lost but I'll get back on track, some way, some how
Til then I'll remain laid back, shades black, optimistic wit a hint of a smile
This may take a while...

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