Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Truth is...

I may share a little of myself but I belong to me
I pick and choose who I want to let in and which parts of myself I want them to be acquainted with
No one knows me fully but me
Its my way and I like it like that
The truth is...
Im an introvert who either forces herself to become more extroverted or sometimes I just have extrovert tendencies
Its like there are two completely different sides of me
Two conflicting women
Both fighting to prove themselves as the real me
But no one really knows this
Often times I want space just as much as I want companionship
Two extreems, either one or the other
I yern to but the truth never satisfied
The truth is...
I know that no one can love me like I love me so I rarely give people the opportunity to prove themselves anymore
I prefer it that way

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