Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I guess I can be like the itch on a crack heads neck (noticeably annoying)
The card thats missing in the deck (alone)

A leader in my own band (Revolutionary)
The arm on someone who's missing a hand (incomplete)

The heart of a pusher man (Cold)
Or the artwork on a hippies van (Timelessly beautiful)

With the mindset of the government in Iran (Bush doesnt care about us)
Or the white girl who wants a tan (preferably black)

Or maybe Im just me....
A crack in the ass of society

1 comment:

littlemissmodish said...


I Love It!

especially the
"artwork on the hippie van"
= )
But this whole piece is GREAT
(& so are you)

hmm, "Crack in the ass of [society]" LOVE IT. Wonder where that came from *AHEM* LLS.