Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Dues

I dont...
believe the belief...
that love dont cost a thing...
and that nothing matters like Lauryn said, not even the wedding ring
I dont...
Buy into the concept of love being fifty fifty
Because I have yet to have broken even so someone must of have jipped me

So many give and give so much of themselves til they cant give no moe
Some are enabling selfish opportunist who only want more
Some people put monetary value on it yet end up wit a whore
Some happily wore their heart on their sleeve and now its on the floor
Seems to me that its a chore
To give love and receive it
So with this economy goin the way it is, I dont believe
That too much of anything in this world is free...
So I gotta give a piece of myself to get you to love me?
Thats lovely
And this is an epiphany
That true love requires a lot of giving
Its a business, you give to me and I give to you and happily we'll be livin
And if you dont have love then most people think that your sittin at home singing the blues
So I guess you can color me pink cuz im content
With being behind on paying my love dues

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